The space in which we spend the majority of our day can have real impact on both productivity and job satisfaction. Below are examples of spaces which are pushing the boundaries of a traditional office space. “The office space can and should reflect a company’s culture,”

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Belgo Seeds

Architect: Vincent Van Duysen Architects

Location: Kortrijk, Belgium

A clean, minimalist space, with a touch of history and elegance.The office consists of a large main space and smaller offices for the four staff members. Most interesting about this elegant project is the fact that the office is not for a design studio or architectural firm, but for Belgo-Seeds, a business involved in global importing and exporting of agricultural products, especially seeds. A shelving unit with beautifully lit glass containers of seeds is the only direct reference to this.


Architect: Neri & Hu

Location: Shanghai

Wooden house-shaped volumes are inserted into this office in the attic of a converted industrial building in Shanghai, by Chinese architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, creating a contrast with raw concrete fittings.

Taking cues from the idea of the attic as "a space of quiet and rational thought", the architects focussed on creating different experiences throughout the office based on contrasts of scale, light and shadow

"The insertion of house-like volumes into a landscape of concrete platforms breaks down the homogenous space," said the architects, "such that the roof is not just a singular element, but can be experienced on multiple levels, from various vantage points and on various scales."

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Selgas Cano Architects

Architect: Selgas Cano

Location: Madrid

Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano of SelgasCano have designed an office for their own practice, located in the woods near Madrid in Spain. A 20mm thick, curved window made of transparent acrylic forms the north-facing wall of the tunnel-like space. The opaque, south-facing aspect is constructed from a 110mm thick, insulated, fiber-glass and polyester sandwich, offering shade from direct sunlight.

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